About Cold Game

The Cold Game audio single features all street, clean, instrumental and accapella edits of the
track, for both the music video and album versions (8 tracks total). The project is a commentary
on sad and ever-present, recurring current events, involving the perpetual plight of
underprivileged people in the United States. Unity Lewis and Rappin’ 4-Tay join forces to
present to you the unsettling facts, pain and frustration of being trapped in the ghetto while living
in a police state. This song also chronicles what seems to be a never ending conflict in America
between law enforcement and the people in which they are sworn to protect. Cold Game
beckons the listener to look within and center themselves before reacting in a way that feeds
into the traps set forth by a toxic system. It suggests to both, civilian and officer that instead of
fueling the destructive cycle of violence, we should find our humanity and consider other ways
of seeking out justice and peace.

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