Unity Lewis

Art Traditions

Unity Lewis pulls his influence from a long line of artists who are known for their contributions to the culture of artistic activism. For this exhibit Unity re-creates classic works of art from his family and teachers, using modern mediums like aerosol, adding an updated cultural layer and teaching history through imagry. He also demonstrates the desire to preserve the traditional esthetics of Hip-Hop, another powerful source of inspiration in his life.

This body of work explores the through lines between a lineage of artists, each expressing a connected and ever relevant message through the various creative lenses of each of their generations; from Hip-Hop, Funk and Rastafari, through the Black Arts Movement, all the way back to the Harlem Renaissance.

Featuring Guests Artists:
Samella Lewis
Andrew Jones
Claude Lewis
Sita Kali-Ma
Jacob Lawrence
Elizabeth Catlett
George Clinton
James Gayles