Cold Game Music Video

                                                          About “Cold Game” the Music Video

The Cold Game music video is a commentary on sad and ever-present, recurring current
events, involving the perpetual plight of underprivileged people in the United States. In this
video, Unity Lewis plays the role of an individual tormented by visions of police brutality; visions
that are repercussions of living in a tense climate between the police and the community. In his
vision, he is pushed by paranoia to the edges of insanity. This video presents the unsettling
facts, pain and frustration of being trapped in the ghetto while living in a police state. It
demonstrates how constant exposure to an environment of violence can cause maddening and
deadly psychological damage. This song also chronicles what seems to be a never ending
conflict in America between law enforcement and the people in which they are sworn to protect.
Cold Game beckons the viewer to look within and center themselves before reacting in a way
that feeds into the traps set forth by a toxic system. It suggests to both, civilian and officer that
instead of fueling the destructive cycle of violence, we should find our humanity and consider other
ways of seeking out justice and peace.


Cold Game Music Video Credits:
Unity Lewis ft. Rappin’ 4-Tay
“Cold Game”
TRT: 4:04 (CC) Original Version
Label: Unity Lewis Arts and Entertainment
Director: Unity Lewis and Benjamin Rivers
Director of Photography: Benjamin Rivers
Producer: Unity Lewis and Benjamin Rivers
Production: Unity Lewis Arts and Entertainment
Editor: Unity Lewis
Stereo: NTSC

Cold Game Song Credits:
Cold Game (Song Credits)
Music Produced By Unity Lewis
feat. Rappin’ 4-Tay
Written by Unity Lewis and Rappin’ 4-Tay
(Guitar By The Genie, Bass By Weldon Hall, Flute by Michael Bass,
Vibraphone by Abnmusic3)
Mixed and Mastered By Matt Kelley

Young Precise Publishing ASCAP

Copyright 2017 Unity Lewis Arts & Ent All Rights Reserved

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