Free The Funk The Music Video

                                                     About the “Free The Funk” the Music Video 

“To complete this project I reunited with George Clinton and P-FUNK in Oakland to film the Free The Funk music video. I brought along with me Trevor Parham to direct, David Gilbert as director of photography, and a talented cast of actors, dancers, models and performing artists. My role was that of the producer and editor. Completing this video fulfilled my dream of seeing this song and vision come to life. The final part of the realization process now is to release it and share it with you! I hope you will help us Free The Funk!”


                                                                                                                        -Unity Lewis


Free The Funk Music Video Credits:
Unity Lewis Ft. Amuka, Sly Stone, Bebe & George Clinton
“Free The Funk”
TRT: 4:30 (CC) Original Version
LP Title: 7th Dynasty
Label: Unity Lewis Arts and Entertainment
Director: Trevor Parham
Director of Photography: David Gilbert
Producer: Unity Lewis
Production: Eklectyk Creative Media | David Gilbert Photography
Editor: Unity Lewis
Stereo: NTSC

Free The Funk Song Credits:
Music Video Remix produced by Korese “Big Tunes” J of TownFuturists
Featuring Amuka, Sly Stone, Bebe and George Clinton
Written by Unity Lewis, Sly Stone, Bebe and George Clinton
(Guitar By Yohimbe J. Sampson and Additional Keys By Sly Stone)
Mixed by Matt Kelley
Mastered by Bob Lanzner


Young Precise Publishing ASCAP

Copyright 2016 Unity Lewis Arts & Ent All Rights Reserved





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